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The first thing that I thought when I read my admit letter was ‘Damn! I’ll be 30 minutes away from Feyenoord- the Eredivisie Champions!’. To be honest, my love for football and traveling was one of the important reasons that I chose to apply in European Universities. And when TU Delft gave me an offer(also my first offer), there was no looking back.

The blog title might/might not give away the fact that I am pursuing my masters in Computer Science – data science and technology track, here in TU Delft. I did my bachelors from Electrical Engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, so for anyone who’s looking to change their stream/field of study, I can vouch for a fact that TU is very lenient on it as long as you provide the right kind of motivation behind your decision.

I am about to complete three months and quarter one(Q1) in Delft. If I were to do a comparative analysis of myself before these three months and now, the results would look like this:-
1- I am a better cook. Back home, the only cooking skill I had was making instant noodles, which only needs water and the rest was ‘instant’. Now, I can cook chicken curry, pasta, vegetable dishes, roasted pork etc. This improvement is strongly in line with Darwin’s theory of adaptation.
2- I am fitter. The body has no option other than to be fit, when you have to cycle daily and against 16mph wind. Moreover, I play football every Tuesday in one of the fields of the sports center which helps me keep in shape. I am planning to join the gym next year when I’ll be writing my thesis. If advice of seniors are to follow, it’s always better to have some ‘letting out’ moments like gym during thesis.
3- I am more organized. Managing five courses, submitting assignments before deadlines, studying regularly, giving exams and at the same time doing daily chores like grocery, cooking and a little bit of travelling requires proper planning! More so since this is the first time I am living on my own.

Delft is a pretty, quaint town. The people are nice and warm, always looking to help you out. There are beautiful canals, cobbled street, busy market in the city center and a sunny day in the Delftse Hout might just make you fall in love with this place. And yes, I have made a few amazing friends too. Keep reading this space for more

Infront of Delft IKEA


One of the canals near the city center

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